News and Scheduled Events at the Moose


The Queen of Hearts is underway, every Tuesday at 7:00pm

Check the calendar for weekly dinner specials and Friday and Saturday entertainment

All Members should be prepared to show their Moose Membership Card to the bartender on duty for their first drink and upon request. This is a policy set by Moose International so please be respectful to your bartenders and have your cards ready!

We, again, must remind you - your children are more than welcome here - but - you must remember this is not a playground. Not only for the safety of your children but also for The safety of our members we cannot allow the running and racing around that is happening especially on Wing night. Remember - children under 12 yrs. must not be in the Lodge after 9:00pm - children 12yrs to 18yrs must be out by 10pm. This is not only a Lodge Rule but must be enforced in order for us to maintain our Liquor license. We appreciate your business and want to continue to see you here at the Moose . Thank You

Mooseheart has made several changes which we must abide by - a member will no longer be able to bring in a lady or man guest as often as they want - guests will now be given an application after two visits and must join the Lodge or Chapter - Husbands and wives will be able to attend as many times as wanted as in the past. We ask that you make every effort to abide by this rule - thank you.

FORMER MEMBERS - are not allowed at the Lodge and cannot be signed in as a guest - if your dues have expired, you must re-enroll in order to attend any functions at the Lodge - also - Remember you can sign in a guest only two times and then he or she must join the Lodge or Chapter - remember, you pay your dues and it would not be fair to allow others who have not paid to enjoy the privilege of coming into the Lodge.

A Lodge member may now sponsor a woman in to the Chapter and a Female chapter member may now sponsor a male into the Lodge.

Don't Forget the Usual Stuff

As always we will be serving dinners both on Fridays and Wednesdays with entertainment on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Dinners are open to members and qualified guests. Check your calendar for menus—chicken wings with beer specials are offered on Thursday nights something for everyone—so join us and support your Lodge.