Messages from the Johnstown Moose


From the Board of Officers

As we start the New Year let us all be thankful for all we have - Good Friends-Good Fellowship and hopefully - Good Health. We are fortunate to have such a great Lodge, thanks to all of you who make it possible.

Remember you must renew your mug club membership starting January 1st, cost will remain at $15.00 per year. This provides you a 16oz. Draft beer for $1 .75 as a member compared to $2.75 for a 1602. Or $2.25 for a 12 oz for non-mug club members.

Starting at noon on January 1st there will be no more tobacco in the building, which includes smoking, vaping and chewing. We have constructed a designated smoking area that includes a fence and shed through grant money, asphalt and lighting supplied by Lodge money and a breezeway constructed by volunteers who we thank. We have many upcoming functions, so be sure to check the calendar. Please make it a point to enjoy one of our Wednesday and Friday dinner, Thursday wings and our lunches Tuesday thru Friday.

We need volunteers to serve, clean up and take money for Friday night dinners. We will show you what needs to be done prior to working. Please contact us or leave your name and phone number with the bartender. We cannot continue to have dinners without volunteers. Sunday Funday menu ends January 5th.

Happy New Year


Your Board of Officers

From the Governor

The Holidays have come and gone and I hope they were enjoyable for all. As a new year begins, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who put a great deal of time and effort into making this a Lodge we can enjoy. Also, a special thanks to our employees. I would also like to thank you all for your continued support in the Lodge functions and in bringing in new members. This allows us to continue to enjoy what we have here in Johnstown.

Would you like to be involved in the Lodge, how about holding an office on the board? Please give this some thought and feel free to talk to either myself or any of the current board member for specifics.

Nominations for board positions will begin February 2020.

Wishing you all a New Year filled with good health and happiness.

Your Governor,

Joe Licciardi

From the Senior Regent

Happy New Year, Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays!

Our New Year’s goal is to get new volunteers to help out with our Friday night’s dinners – you only have to give 3 hours of your time to help.

We need a 4-5 person team to help with taking money, orders, serving, dishes and clean up. Contact the Club if you are interested in helping out on any Friday.


Denise Coco, Senior Regent

From the Recorder

The Stress of Christmas is all over, I’m sure that some will agree and are awaiting the sunshine and warm weather to arrive.

We had a good 2019 in all our fundraising, both Men and Women of the Moose have worked very hard to bring it not only to our club but the community as well.

We are always looking for new members and volunteers.

Your Recorder,

Debbie Hall

General Lodge Rules

Members need to carry both their membership cards and their key cards while they are in the Lodge. Please when asked to show your membership card do so proudly and in a courteous manner. The bartenders are only doing what is asked by the Board of Officers.

No member is to open the guest door. The "Buzzer" is a sign to the bartender that someone without a card is trying to gain access to our Lodge.

Members, when bringing in a guest - Please remember the following:

  1. Sign them in
  2. Guests are not allowed to purchase anything at our Lodge
  3. Guests must leave when the member leaves
  4. A guest must submit a completed application on the third visit

Participation in the Mug Club is for the card holder only. The Mug Club runs from January 1 thru December 31.